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Lost & Found Bar & Kitchen is your new favorite spot for craft beers and casual dining

This story starts like most good ones, and some bad ones as well, with a simple “once upon a time”, so lets get into it.

Once upon a time, there were four friends who loved bars. They went to bars, they worked in bars, they talked about bars, and all became friends in a bar.

Just an average pub story, right? Except in this one, the whole became greater than the sum of its parts. So much greater. So, so much greater. Essentially, a chance meeting became the genesis of a great idea. Between three men and one hell of a lady was a taste of almost all walks of life. Loving each others company, and exchanging ideas in late night talks, they came upon an idea.

One thing they all haven’t done yet is own their own place. What kind of place would they all want to sit in, to break bread in, to share time and experiences in? Somewhere that had the elements they all wanted. Drinks, the kind that can be savored. Old fashioned conversations. Good folks, food, and music. So, they took a chance and rolled the dice, combining their four personalities in to what can only be described as one thing: a good damned bar.



(518) 694-0670



942 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207
Warehouse District


Bar Hours

Monday Closed
Tu-Th 3p–til close
F-Sa 3p–til close
Su 11a–til close

Kitchen Hours

Monday Closed
Tu-Wed 5p–9p
Th-Sa 5p–10p
Su 11a–3p

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About us

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Tucked away in a quiet corner in Albany, New York, is a bar filled with great drink, amazing food, convivial atmosphere, sprawling outdoor seating, and four friends so filled with passion for their place that it becomes contagious to anyone who walks through the doors. Above the door hangs a sign that, much like the establishment itself, shines with a beautiful and comforting simplicity, telling the world “Lost And Found”.

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942 Broadway
Albany, NY, 12207


(518) 694-0670